Reimagining Healthcare Staffing.

Crafting the Perfect Care Team.

At Corewood Care, we’re dedicated to helping you build the perfect care team at your healthcare facilities. We’ll work closely with you to match our skilled and dedicated roster of certified CNAs, CMTs, LPNs, and RNs to your daily staffing needs. Every hour, every day, we’re committed to ensuring excellence for your clients and their families.

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Comprehensive Staffing Solutions for Every Need

Tailored Quality Care for Every Client

We believe in tailoring our services to each of our clients and facilities. We understand that your needs are unique and we’re committed to helping you deliver on your mission.

About Corewood

Healthcare Professionals

At Corewood Care, our strength lies in the dedication, expertise, and compassion of our healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on curating a roster that embodies the very best in the industry.

Rapid Recruitment Rapid Recruitment
Expansive Roster Expansive Roster
Thorough Background Checks Thorough Background Checks
Skills Assessment Skills Assessment
Continuous Training Continuous Training
Compliance Checks Compliance Checks
Tailored Placements Tailored Placements
Unwavering Dedication Unwavering Dedication

Our Technology

Better technology for better care

Technology to enhance the continuity of care. By utilizing technology and in-real time data, our care team develops and provides individualized care plans tailored to the client’s needs. Additionally, it enables us to make more informed recommendations so that our clients can live gracefully.

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Real time care notes & reports
Integrated Medication Monitoring
Person-centered care plans & tasks
Wellbeing Monitoring
Secure GPS location
Stay Ahead of Issues – Immediate Alerts
Instant Access to Information
Ease Of Use / Intuitive
care management

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At Corewood Care, we recognize that every facility’s staffing needs are unique. Provide your details, and our team will reach out to understand your requirements and schedule a complimentary staffing consultation.

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