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Everyone has different needs. Many individuals require around-the-clock care for help in managing their health needs and providing 24/7 supervision. Some just seek the companionship of this service. Regardless of your need, the team at Corewood Care has you covered.

What 24-Hour Home Care Services Does Corewood Care Provide?

Corewood Care provides 24-hour care services so older adults can receive help while living at home any time of the day. We will work with clients on developing detailed care plans to address their needs and provide support. When clients utilize 24/7 home care, a personal caregiver can assist and monitor older adults daily to ensure their health is in its optimal condition.


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Our 24/7 in-home care services include (but aren’t limited to):

Assistance with personal care, such as dressing, bathing, and toileting.

Deliverance of emotional care for those looking for companionship.

Quality household care to complete daily tasks.

Skilled nursing care for in-home health emergencies.

Preparing meal plans and cooking around-the-clock.

Constant supervision for independent elderly clients.

Management of prescriptions and medications for elders.

24-Hour vs. Live-In Care

Live-in care involves the caregiver living on-site for the 24-hour shift they complete. A requirement for live-in care is providing a bed or bedroom for the caregiver. During their shift, they will sleep in the space allocated for them. With live-in care, caregivers have two mandatory breaks during each shift, an 8-hour sleep break and a 4-hour break during the day. Often, live-in care schedules one caregiver on a four to five-day basis. While the caregiver is on a break, there’s a chance for the client to go unsupervised.

With 24/7 care, there is a bit more flexibility for caregivers. Several caregivers may support the same client over 24-hours with shifts between 8-12 hours each. When clients have more than one caregiver, they have the reassurance that their caregiver is alert during their shift and will administer attentive care. Caregivers who provide 24/7 in-home care support don’t receive sleep breaks during their shift, so whoever works the night shift is awake, alert and readily available to respond to emergencies.

Benefits of 24/7 Home Care Services

A client who requires additional assistance with daily activities can find a solution in 24/7 home care. By having a professional around at all times, clients can rely on caregivers to help them live gracefully and comfortably at home. Several benefits of 24/7 home care services include:

  • Reduced harm risk: With a caregiver around at all times, an older adult moving around the home has less chance of severely hurting themselves, whether it be from falling or a kitchen accident. 
  • Medication reminders: If a client needs to take medication throughout the day and night, a 24/7 caregiver can provide the reminders and wake up the client during the night, letting them know it’s time for their medicine.
  • Constant monitoring: An older adult with 24/7 care at home has someone monitoring their condition at all times. If something happens, a caregiver is there to handle problems or contact someone who can.
  • Better health management: A caregiver can ensure clients eat and drink enough each day to avoid dehydration and fainting. They can also encourage clients to continue participating in activities like going on daily walks or attending physical therapy.

Is 24/7 Home Care Right for Your Family Member?

If you have a family member who experiences falls, confusion or difficulty staying hydrated and eating frequently, it may be time to consider 24/7 home care. Hiring a 24/7 at-home personal caregiver can ensure your family receives the care they need when you are unavailable. When you start noticing signs that your family member needs help, work with a home care agency to discuss 24/7 home care options.

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