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Our Personal Care Services

Personal care services help elderly people manage their households and take care of important daily activities and routines. The team at Corewood Care can assist in delivering professional personal care services and make our clients feel comfortable in their homes.

What Personal Care Services Can Corewood Care Provide?

At Corewood Care, we strive to be the personal care provider clients can trust. We aim to improve the management ways of care to help clients live gracefully through every life transition. Personal care services allow clients to stay at home while receiving help with daily living tasks. When clients have in-home personal assistance, they can maintain independence and live comfortably. 

If you believe personal care services can help the older adult in your life, consider Corewood Care for dependable care.

Our personal care services include (but aren’t limited to):

Assistance with personal hygiene.

Helpful transportation services to various destinations.

Assistance in meal preparation and cooking.

Medication management.

Homemaking services.

Transportation to daily recreational activities.

Assistance with in-home mobility.

Personal Caregiving vs. Companion Caregiving

A couple of popular types of in-home caregiving are personal and companion care. When you plan on hiring an at-home personal caregiver for the older adult in your life, knowing the difference between each type of care can help you discover which care assistance is more suitable for the adult’s needs.

The main contrast between personal and companion care is the capacity to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) and other direct physical support. Personal caregivers are trained and have particular skills to handle immediate physical assistance with clients and manage other caregiver responsibilities.

Alternatively, companion caregivers may assist with light housekeeping, errands and keeping the client company. They are nonmedical, so they can’t provide any direct physical assistance.

Benefits of Personal Care Services

When searching for different personal care providers for an older adult, there are several benefits to choosing in-home personal assistance over a nursing home or assisted living facility. Some benefits include:

  • Personalized care: Clients will receive undivided attention and one-on-one help with their everyday tasks when they have an at-home personal caregiver. The caregiver focuses on the older adult’s needs and will provide support and help with ADLs whenever needed.
  • Ability to stay home: In-home personal assistance lets older adults receive the help they need in the comfort of their homes. Instead of moving to a facility, clients can live their later years safely in their homes with the help of personal caregivers.
  • Greater quality of life: Clients who use personal care services often experience a higher quality of life than if they lived in a home facility. With the additional support for daily living tasks and living at home, clients can maintain their independence. They may also form a bond with their caregiver and have the chance to see friends and family more often.
  • Increased recovery rate: If an older adult was recently injured or received surgery, recovering at home with assistance is often faster and more successful. A personal caregiver can monitor a client’s recovery and update the doctor or nurse of any changes.
  • Availability: Personal caregivers are available to help clients whenever they need it. Whether a client needs assistance for a couple of hours a day or all day, personal caregivers will be there to help.

Many older adults can benefit from personal care services. When they begin showing signs of struggle with mobility or taking care of themselves, consider personal care services as a practical option.

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