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Care Management Services in Montgomery County, MD

Care management is simply the process of overseeing a patient’s health needs and supervision to help coordinate a caregiver’s delivery of quality care services for an elderly patient. Care management is essentially an extension of primary care. Through this service, patients will have access to comprehensive, compassionate services that make managing their health and daily life easier.

Here at Corewood Care, we pay close attention to our care management services to efficiently deliver exceptional care to our elderly clients. Our specially trained healthcare providers provide each service. Each professional care manager is committed to supporting patients and helping them navigate life’s challenges. Whether through providing recommendations or coordinating services, our care management ensures each patient receives the tailored support they need to live gracefully.

What Care Management Services Does Corewood Care Provide? 

At Corewood, we understand that each patient has unique needs and goals, which is why we deliver a tailored, patient-centered approach to all of our elder care management services. We accomplish this by developing individualized care plans. Our team of private caregivers offer professional guidance and resources, helping patients make important life decisions easily. 

Because managing health needs, especially at home, requires a team effort, we communicate and work together with patients, their family and physicians. Every member of the care team will be involved in important decisions like long-term planning. We can also assist with special care situations and crisis prevention.

Along with practical assistance with everything from safety reviews to medication management, our care management services can also include social and recreational activities. Patients will find fulfillment and joy outside their daily routine with opportunities to socialize with others.

What Are the Benefits of Care Management?

Care management improves patient health by helping manage challenges with aging, acute medical issues or chronic illness. Our skilled, multidisciplinary team cares for each patient. As problem-solvers, we understand how to help patients make informed care and lifestyle decisions. 

Some of the benefits patients will experience with our care management services include:

  • Quality care: By closely monitoring each patient’s health and delivering tailored services, we improve the quality of care for each patient. We incorporate internal processes, which interpret data sets and trends, to make sure patients thrive under our care.
  • Satisfaction: Our team takes a forward-thinking approach to care. We are reliable and professional, delivering recommendations and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to make sure patients and families are satisfied with the coordination of care.
  • Clinical outcomes: Our team is dedicated to improving how patients manage their health, which leads to better outcomes.

What to Look for in a Care Management Provider

Choosing a care management provider is a big decision. Who you choose will be responsible for managing and advocating for you or your family member’s health and wellbeing. You want to look for a team that’s experienced and has specific qualities. Some questions to consider when you are looking for a care management provider include:

  • Do they have a licensed and trained healthcare professional team?
  • How often and for how long do they provide their services?
  • What kind of technology do they use to enhance care and communication?
  • What additional services are available if other needs or emergencies arise?

Our care management services include (but aren’t limited to):

Enhancing the coordination of care for elderly clients.

Navigating the healthcare system with our patients.

Advocating on the behalf of our clients beside physicians and relatives.

Arranging doctors appointments and other necessary clinician visits.

Implementing a personalized care plan to fit your needs.

Setting up a daily meal delivery for our clients.

Quality care service before and after surgery.

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