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What are the steps to getting home care started?

Step 1
Call our main number (301) 909-8117 and tell us that you are looking to start care. Our Client Services Specialist will speak with you and will ask you about what you are currently looking for or what you may need assistance with. They will then arrange a convenient time to conduct a in home or virtual assessment completed by one of our Nurses.

Step 2
During the home visit, the Nurse will listen and find out more about your unique care needs and goals. The nurse assessment is an opportunity for our care team to learn more about your day-to-day routine, current interests, hobbies, health history, care goals, and any specific requests. Additionally, they will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding care.

Step 3
The nurse will return to the office and based on the home assessment and our previous conversations, we create a personalized care plan that documents all of your care needs, from medications to care tasks.

Step 4
You will receive a formal introduction to your dedicated Client Services Coordinator who will be your point of contact regarding your start of care, schedule, caregiver assigned, requests, changes, comments, questions and much more. They will confirm the start of care with you, the schedule and introduce your care team to you.

Step 5
A professional member of our care team will start their first visit on the confirmed date and time scheduled. After your first day of care, you will receive a call from your Client Services Coordinator to ensure your unique care needs are being met.

How Do I Start Care with Corewood?

Please give us a call and a member of our team will be there to learn about your care needs and answer your questions. You may also submit a request via our website, and a member of our team will contact you to assess your needs.

Do you provide home care services in my home? In a senior living community? Or during my hospital stay?

We provide home care services, wherever you call home. Whether this is in a house, a senior living community, or during your hospital or rehabilitation stay, our care team will be there to assist you

In what locations do you provide care?

Corewood Care operates out of three central offices:

However, we provide care service for older adults across the metro D.C. area, Maryland, and northeast Virginia.

Do you provide around the clock care? Temporary home care services? Or respite services?

We provide home care services to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should you need a onetime visit or around the clock care, we are here to provide you with a schedule that meets you needs. You may need an escort to and from a medical procedure, temporary assistance when recovering from surgery, in home care post-hospitalization or rehab stay or an extra set of hands when a primary caregiver has taken respite. Our goal is to be as unique and as flexible as you.

Can I reach someone at Corewood after hours or on weekends?

Yes. We provide care to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We always have a member of our client services team on call after hours and on weekends to assist our new and current clients.

What if I want to change my schedule?

Not a problem! Please give us a call and we will adjust your schedule to meet your current needs.

What if my caregiver is not the right fit? What do I do?

We are so glad you asked. Our priority is to find a good match when it comes to our clients and caregivers. We want our clients to feel confident in the care they are receiving and comfortable with the person who is providing this care. Additionally, we want our caregivers to feel confident in the care they are providing and comfortable with the person they are providing this to. Client and caregiver feedback is very important to us. Therefore, we encourage our clients to provide our team with immediate feedback so we can find the best match.

Are your services covered by Long Term Care Insurance?

Yes, our services are covered by Long Term Care Insurance. All LTC policies are different and have different requirements for coverage. Please give us a call and we will assist you with your LTC policy and claim.

Does Corewood submit invoices to my LTC provider on my behalf?

Yes, we will submit all required home care documentation and invoices to your LTC provider. All policies are different; therefore we recommend that you speak with you Client Services Team so we can best help you when it comes to LTC submissions.

General Home Care FAQs

What is home care? Is it the same as home health?

Home care refers to a series of services fulfilling the needs of those who require assistance with everyday living. It is provided to people who have a terminal illness, are living with a developmental disability or require extra help to live on their own. It is different from home health by virtue of being a service that does not provide professional medical assistance.

Home care helps older adults revise their meal planning, general fitness and hygienic upkeep. To start, a care professional assesses the person’s standards of living and provides robust improvement plans to enhance their home quality of life and everyday routines.

What does a caregiver do?

A caregiver is a qualified professional who helps older adults comfortably transition into their later stages of life. Caregivers achieve this by assessing an individual’s mental and physical fitness and tailoring a care plan to provide a clear guide on how to live their daily lives comfortably and without hassle.

The assessment determines an older adult’s needs and whether they can live independently and safely or if they require more hands-on care around the clock. If a caregiver determines that intensive assistance is necessary, they will refer the individual to a caring community that suits their needs. They will also advocate for older adults in the event of hospitalization and take care of the documentation needed for healthcare professionals to administer the correct treatment.

Who is eligible for home care?

Adults aged 65 years or older are eligible for home care, as well as any person of any age who requires more help and accommodation to live safely. People who have medical conditions or disabilities that make it harder for them to carry out daily tasks independently are advised to consider home care to access the kind of assistance that will alleviate their difficulty with the work of daily living.

Who would benefit from home care services?

The benefits of home care services apply to more than just the individual receiving care. The families of these older adults also gain peace of mind from knowing that their relative is receiving the kind of care they need to have a better daily experience.

The plans made by the caregivers will also help in this regard because they give families a reference point to use when checking in on the progress of the person under care. Home care services benefit anyone who is close to the person receiving it.

Can you only receive care in a private residence?

No, home care is not exclusive to just a private residence. Patients can also receive care in a rehabilitation facility, and the Corewood Care team is on call to escort older adults to and from doctors’ offices and hospitals if need be.

How will I know how much care I will need? How many hours? How many days?

Home care plans can be flexible to fit a variety of needs, and can be personalized based on your specific goals. When getting started with home care, patients will go through a home care assessment that identifies their preferences and requirements, and helps providers determine the right schedule for you. Our goal at Corewood Care is to provide the right amount of care so that our clients may live gracefully.

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