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Bethesda Hospital to Home Transition Care

Getting out of the hospital is an enormous relief. However, it can be difficult to transition from a stay at the hospital to life at home. The care managers at Corewood Care can assist in making this transition a comfortable and convenient one.

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Hospital to Home Transitional Care Services

No matter the reason for hospitalization, hospital to home care can help provide next-level treatment and support, making the transition easier for the patient and their family. While getting discharged is a relief, patients are at a higher risk for complications during the transition. With medications and follow-up appointments to be managed, it can be challenging for patients to care for themselves at home following their hospital stay. 

This service can help bridge that level of care and reduce the chances of complications or readmission to the hospital. Having experienced caregivers allows patients to focus on resting and healing. Our committed care coordinators will oversee each patient’s follow-up instructions to improve their health and wellbeing.

Who Can Benefit From Care After a Hospital Discharge?

Any patient who is preparing to transition from the hospital to their home can benefit from this service. During their hospital stay, patients have access to 24/7 medical assistance. Once they are discharged, they’ll no longer have this high level of care and support without hospital to home care.

Patients who live alone or are at a higher risk for infection or falls can take advantage of regular visits by trained caregivers. Having someone present to oversee the recovery process will make living at home easier and minimize the risk of rehospitalization. This is especially beneficial for loved ones who might find it difficult to manage all aspects of their care independently.

Improving the transition of health care from the hospital to home can lead to more positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Transitional Services Corewood Offers

At Corewood Care, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to improving how we manage care. We make sure each patient receives the care facility to home transition support they need to thrive and live gracefully. To ensure success, we offer a tailored approach to take care of each patient’s needs and goals. 

Our caregivers are some of the best in the industry and develop personalized care plans and tasks. This custom plan can serve as a daily health checklist, adding consistency to the recovery process.

Through our after-hospital discharge care, patients have access to state-of-the-art technology. With real-time care reports, notes and integrated medication monitoring, our team ensures every aspect of their recovery is carefully followed. Authorized family members can also stay up to date by accessing care plans and health records. 

One-Time Senior Care Services

For patients who need short-term assistance, Corewood Care offers one-time senior care services. Our team can help these patients navigate to and from care facilities with transportation service, address any challenges they might face as they transition home and supplement the quality of care they receive at the hospital. 

Our care management team can specifically help advocate for patients and navigate the healthcare system. Along with setting up doctor’s or clinician’s appointments following discharge, we can assist with practical services like patient transport or setting up daily meal delivery. 

Patients will benefit from having a caregiver present for short-term support, especially after situations like surgery discharge.

Our hospital to home transition services:

Management of prescribed medications.

Personal care, such as grooming and in-home mobility.

Nonemergency medical transportation to and from appointments and social activities.

Preparation and cooking of meals.

Assistance with laundry, washing dishes, and other household tasks.

Communication with physicians and relatives.

Necessary nursing services for patients with complex medical needs.

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