Our Story

At Corewood Care, we believe in making a difference in people’s lives – providing the same personalized, compassionate care that we’d expect for our own family. In fact, it’s exactly how we came to be. We’re a home care agency, founded by a daughter, inspired by her father, with a mission to LIVE GRACEFULLY.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service, care, and support is at our core and that will never change.
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What’s So Special About a Name?

Mary O’Donoghue, Founder & CEO, started Corewood Care due to her own experience with caring for her father in their family home on Corewood Lane. Whether navigating the challenges that come with illness or needing an extra set of hands, she recognized that many individuals and families needed guidance, support and personalized care during these transitions. She embarked on a mission. Not being able to provide the full-time care he needed, they sought the help from two wonderful caregivers. Not only did they help her father but provided the care and emotional support the family needed. With the help of these two extraordinary individuals, her father was able to be at home with those he was closest to while receiving the personal care he needed. With countless individuals and families not being able to care for themselves or their loved-ones, Mary recognized the need and demand for help at home. She started Corewood Care to support individuals by offering professional care, quality assistance and trustworthy support within the comfort of their own home.

At Corewood Care, our goal is to ensure that you and your loved one are in safe, caring and capable hands.

The purpose at Corewood Care is to deliver exceptional assistance and support within the confines of our clients’ homes.

“Every client’s needs are different, so we created Corewood to be as flexible and as unique as you. Our aim is to improve the way care in managed while providing person-centered care”

– Mary O’Donoghue, Founder

Our Mission:

Live Gracefully – We are committed to improving the way health is managed, allowing our clients to thrive and live gracefully.

Core Values

We make lives better every day for our clients and staff by living through our five core values:

Be Remarkable.

Be Empathetic.

Take Ownership.

Build For The Long Term.

Make A Difference.

Our Dedicated Team

Corporate Team Care Management Advisory Board
Founder & Managing Director
Mary O’Donoghue
Managing Director
Kyle Kane
Senior Director of Care Management
Mary Ann Buckley
Senior Director of Care Management
Director of Operations
Associate Director of Care Management
Office Manager
Business Development Associate
Director of Nursing
Client Services Manager
Talent Management Manager
Client Services Associate
Client Services Associate
Talent Management Coordinator
Client Services Coordinator
Mary Jane
Client Services Coordinator
Compliance and Credentials Coordinator
Administrative Coordinator
Clinical Coordinator

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Partnerships and Awards

Partnerships and Awards

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