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Senior Home Care Services in Montgomery County, MD

The team at Corewood Care specialize in delivering world-class senior home care services to make you or a loved one feel more comfortable and at home.

What Home Care Services Can Corewood Care Provide?

When an older adult in your life needs extra assistance at home, you can trust the dedicated team at Corewood Care to help them. We ensure older adults can live gracefully while having caring, safe and capable hands available to help at home with daily living activities. In-home care services for the elderly make it possible for older adults to continue living in a place they are most comfortable and happy.

Our senior care offers valuable support to families, making it easier to spend time together and care for the important people in their lives. At Corewood Care, our team of caregivers provides quality care and can become a trusted person in an older adult’s circle of support.

Some of our senior home care services include (but aren’t limited to):

Companion care to provide warm affection to clients.

Home helper services to assist in completing daily tasks or home modifications.

Personal care assistance in dressing, bathing, and mobility.

Respite care to fill in for primary or family caregivers who are away.

Alzheimer’s and memory care for elderly patients suffering from dementia.

Transportation services if and when you need them.

Day programs to keep elderly patients busy with interactive and fun activities.

What Is the Difference Between Home Care and Home Health Care?

Home care and home health care are two terms many consider synonymous. However, each care type offers different services and benefits older adults. Knowing the difference between the two can help you understand the care the older adult in your life will receive.

Home care provides nonmedical services, so older adults can have help with activities of daily living, like bathing, meal preparation and laundry. Many adults can benefit from the additional support services as they age. In addition to the help caregivers provide around the home, they also offer companionship.

On the other hand, home health care, or home health, provides professional medical assistance. Home health caregivers can administer medications, change dressings, assist with medical tests and monitor health status. Home health services require caregivers to be registered and licensed professionals, whether they are nurses, physical or occupational therapists.

Signs Home Care Services Are Right for Your Family Member

Home care assistants can benefit your family member and help them manage their health to thrive during life’s transitions. We understand that taking care of family is essential. That’s why we offer our home care services to help your family member receive the care they deserve. Here are signs home care options are suitable for your family member:

  • Poor hygiene: Sometimes, older adults begin having difficulty taking care of themselves. If you notice changes in their appearance, clothes or body odor, they could find it hard to stay clean.
  • Mobility issues: As adults get older, they may start having mobility problems. While having trouble walking is an indicator, another sign of mobility issues is the lack of ability to bathe, get dressed or use the toilet by themselves.
  • Confusion or forgetfulness: If your family member has significant memory problems, there could be an underlying condition. Home care services can help remind your family member of what they’ve done throughout the day, such as providing medication reminders, and explain concepts they may have forgotten.
  • Extreme weight change: If you notice your family member is experiencing a drastic weight change, it could signify they need assistance. Your family member could have trouble preparing meals or is experiencing illnesses that prohibit them from cooking.

When you notice signs of your family member needing home care service, you can work with a home care agency to find quality elder assistance for your family member. At Corewood Care, we are fully committed professionals who love to help others.

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