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Companion Care Services

It’s normal for older adults to slow down or find it more challenging to keep up with their daily routines as they age. If your family member would prefer to age at home but struggles with loneliness or similar challenges related to living independently, they might enjoy the company of one of our companion caregivers.

Aging in place is more than possible with proper at-home support. At Corewood Care, our companion caregivers help our clients age in place gracefully and on their terms — so they can remain independent for longer. We offer our companion care services to older adults and their families near Washington, D.C., and Bethesda, Maryland.

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What Is Companion Care?

There are many kinds of in-home care services for aging adults, including personal and companion care. While personal caregivers focus on a client’s physical needs — like assisting with activities of daily living or addressing health conditions — companion caregivers support older adults socially and emotionally.

Sometimes, older adults living at home lack companionship, especially if their spouse or another close relative has passed. Companion care providers spend time with aging clients to prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation.

What Do Corewood Care Companion Care Providers Do?

Corewood Care’s at-home care providers are here to offer your family member a helping hand and a familiar face while they live independently in their own home. Our companion caregivers visit older adults, offering conversation and friendship to help with the social and emotional challenges of living alone.

They can also assist them with activities of daily living, everyday tasks or other areas they might struggle with, including:

Socialization and entertainment

Emotional support and wellness support

Meal preparation, laundry and errands

Light housekeeping

Memory care and mobility assistance

Transportation to and from appointments

Medication and appointment reminders

Respite care

The Benefits of Companion Care

Older adults might benefit from companion care if they prefer to age in place but feel isolated living alone. Regular visits with a companion care provider give your family member something to look forward to throughout the week.

Our at-home caregivers can play card or board games with or participate in the activities their client enjoys with them. They can also accompany them on daily walks or outings. Companionship services offer friendship and socialization that can elevate a client’s spirits and help them feel more fulfilled.

Companion care also benefits those who feel confident living independently but need help with everyday household tasks. Whether an older adult needs assistance with trips to the grocery store, doctor’s office appointments or other errands, our at-home care providers can help.

A companion caregiver can also provide emotional support during life’s transitions so older adults feel comforted and supported as they navigate change.

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If you need help finding companion care services near Washington, D.C., or Bethesda, Maryland, contact the Corewood Care team today. Our friendly and outgoing companion caregivers offer ongoing emotional and social support for older adults living at home so they can remain independent for as long as possible.

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