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Dementia Care Services

At Corewood Care, we understand caring for a friend or family member with dementia can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Memory care programs and service plans can improve an individual’s safety and quality of life. These home care services also offer families and caregivers additional support and peace of mind.

Our compassionate caregivers provide at-home dementia care services for aging adults near Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We invite you to contact us today if you need assistance caring for an individual with dementia.

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What Is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a term for several conditions characterized by progressive memory loss or forgetfulness and impaired judgment or reasoning. Often, dementia causes an individual to say or do things they wouldn’t normally do. Other symptoms include memory, communication, judgment and focus loss.

These symptoms can also vary daily, making it difficult to anticipate someone’s care needs. As the affected individual’s kin, friend or caregiver, navigating these symptoms can be challenging.

While dementia is not reversible, it is manageable. Our skilled caregivers help older adults and their families navigate the challenges of living with dementia. We aim to help our clients age in place safely, comfortably and gracefully.


Corewood Care’s At-Home Dementia Care Services

Each client and their dementia diagnosis is unique. We create custom, supportive care plans tailored to the individual’s care needs and goals.

Our dementia care comprises many services, including:

Home care services: Home care services include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, transportation, toileting and eating.

Alzheimer’s care: Our Alzheimer’s care or memory care services cater to the unique cognitive care needs of clients with dementia, including long-term care planning, medication management and crisis prevention.

Respite care: Due to guilt or anxiety, family members or live-in caregivers might struggle to step away from their caregiving responsibilities. Our respite care services offer short-term relief for families and caregivers.

Companion care: Many older adults feel isolated living at home. Our caregivers offer companion care, so older adults can talk, play games and befriend someone new. Companion care benefits their emotional and mental health and cognitive functioning.

Meal planning and preparation: Older adults with dementia might struggle to remember to eat and hydrate properly. Our caregivers can assist with healthy meal planning and preparation so they remain physically healthy while living alone.

Light housekeeping: It might be burdensome for an individual with dementia to maintain safe, clean living spaces. Our caregivers offer light housekeeping services that promote hygiene and safety.

The Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care Services

Our specially trained dementia caregivers help create a safe, supportive environment inside the client’s home, making aging in place a reality. Being in a familiar setting and having a regular routine can make a difference in an individual’s well-being.

As part of our individualized care, we’ll create care plans and tasks based on each client’s needs and goals. We also provide client wellness monitoring services to look after and record their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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Dementia care services empower older adults to age in place confidently and gracefully. If you wish to hire a dependable dementia caregiver for a friend or family member in Bethesda, Maryland, or Washington, D.C., contact us today. We’re a reliable home care agency based in Bethesda, and our qualified caregivers prioritize our clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

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