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News > How Do Caregivers and Nurses Care for Alzheimer’s Clients?

How Do Caregivers and Nurses Care for Alzheimer’s Clients?

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Many people are affected by Alzheimer’s, whether personally or through someone close to them. However, few are prepared for this life-changing condition — fewer still have the necessary skills or time to become caregivers for those affected. 

Corewood Care aims to help. Our nurses and caregivers work tirelessly to remain at the frontier of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. We strive to use our knowledge to deliver consistent, compassionate services to those who need them most while helping them maintain their independence as much as possible. 

Alzheimer’s vs. Dementia

When you hear “Alzheimer’s,” you likely think of dementia, and vice versa. While Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia, the term “dementia” refers to a much broader range of conditions. Dementia encompasses any disease or condition that causes cognitive decline. This cognitive decline often impacts someone’s ability to remember things, complete daily tasks and regulate moods. 

Around 60%-80% of people diagnosed with dementia are ultimately diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Though major strides have been made in the fight against this disease, there is currently no cure. 

How Our Nurses and Caregivers Help People With Alzheimer’s

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can and do live fulfilling lives, and this is largely impacted by finding the right caregivers and medical team. The staff at Corewood Care focuses entirely on meeting the needs of our clients, helping them transition into this new phase of life and make the necessary lifestyle changes. 

Between rigorous study and on-the-job training, we know that Alzheimer’s care varies day by day. Our around-the-clock medical and nonmedical services mean we’re prepared for any situations that arise. Our care managers coordinate with nurses, caregivers, personal trainers and family members to communicate the client’s needs and advocate for the level of care they deserve. Below are just some of the dozens of care options we facilitate every day.

Medical and Nursing Care

Most of our clients come to us first and foremost for our impressive medical care services. Our registered nurses are prepared to handle anything that may pop up unexpectedly and manage day-to-day care through: 

  • Mood assessments: Nurses monitor mood and note any major changes.
  • Nutrition assistance: Nurses create meal plans and help with cooking to give clients balanced nutrients.
  • Mobility and memory care: Our team will help clients maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible.
  • Pre- and post-treatment care: From doctor’s appointments to surgeries and injuries, our nurses make sure clients are ready for it all and recover just as well.
  • Hospital-to-home transition services: Coming home from the hospital can be an adjustment, and our team will help ease the transition.

Nonmedical Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Clients

So, what else do caregivers do for people with Alzheimer’s? Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s is as much about being there for them emotionally as it is about providing for their medical needs. While most family members and friends want to be there to offer this support to the person, there is no shame in recognizing that these needs are often much more than one person can handle. 

Caregiving for Alzheimer’s clients is a constant, and Corewood Care trains our team rigorously to manage any situation by offering:

  • Medication reminders: We’ll keep clients on a routine to make life a bit easier.
  • Self-care assistance: We offer help with bathing, brushing teeth and other daily tasks.
  • Companion care: Living with Alzheimer’s can be lonely due to the growing communication barrier. We do our best to keep spirits up by serving as close and trusted friends.
  • Transportation: Anywhere they need to go, we’ll be there right alongside them.
  • Future preparations: Our support will last for as long as necessary, and we are more than willing to talk through and help make preparations for difficult decisions. 

Seek Alzheimer’s Care and Treatment With Corewood Care

The care managers and caregivers at Corewood Care are specialists in Alzheimer’s care. We believe in around-the-clock compassionate services that give you or the people you love the quality care they deserve. We do all this and more as we navigate this time together. Schedule a free assessment today to learn more about what we do and why we’re passionate about our work.

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